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I'm a graduate of the MFA writing program at the California College of the Arts, but I've been writing for as long as I've known how to hold a pencil (seriously, I remember writing a letter to someone in scribbles that didn't even vaguely resemble words in pre-school). I write creative non-fiction occasionally, but poetry is my main focus, so I thought I'd include a few poems here. You can read more (and listen to recordings) by going to or scrolling down to the feed at the bottom of the page.


no force -
i leapt freely

shed my skin
for you

want to see
the balancing act

i show you
real face
under whiskers,
under flippers,
pale skin
under grey rubber

but that shell -

not just armor,
a bloody

love the heart, but
love the ribcage, too.


the bluer the better

“they look pretty
but they are on their way
to being compost”

pulled in by
even when
i can't see

how do you feel
about your name
turning in
to a disease?

oh you look
like a lapis bead
when you die

for what
will kill you

blue in your sides
and blue in the sea
your legs have changed
you are falling

the color
of your first home

is that

shell on a shore

shell on a shore
only thing only place
i want to be.

shell on a shore
waves move over me
cold air doesn't
matter because
my skin is hard, i am not really

shell on a shore, always
warmed by the sun
when it comes

shell on a shore
you pick up, put to
your ear and i transmit
the sound
you should already
be able to hear;
i am your conduit.

shell on a shore means i
am always home
always where
i belong
by water by salt by sky.

shell on a shore
means it doesn't
take much, take long
to be swallowed
by the sea
only place only thing
i want to be.


oh, that
something true
stuck in
too deep
little grains
too tight
to separate

beat against me -
it's the only

eat the rocks
eat the thick hard rocks
eat them slow

rub salt
into my sides
hit hard
hit soft,
but hit

even the slightest touch
wears me down


tall face
sheer cliff
exposure breaks
exposure is

wave down
stroke against
these open faces
rub down
rub down soft
scrub away
be patient

brush and soak
soak me down
wash off

i tell you
i want gentle
but gentle takes
so long

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Click through the feed below to read and listen to recordings of more of my writing on Tumblr!

You can also read a piece from my thesis written about the life and death of my nephew, Eythan, by clicking on the PDF below

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