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About the Creature Before You


Melissa Louise is a small sea creature native to California. She attended the graduate writing program at the California College of the Arts and can now call herself a MASTER of Fine Arts. Her poetry and creative non-fiction tend to revolve around her obsession with the ocean, her awkward childhood, and a wide variety of melancholy topics.

Melissa also loves to make things. As the EmoSeal, she sews plush creatures, does silly drawings, binds books by hand, makes comics, screenprints, and takes up any other craft she gets the chance to try out.

When she's not properly occupied, Melissa can be found laughing too much, trying to convince someone that right now is the perfect time for breakfast foods, or singing to her succulents. Her fondness for bright colors, strange monsters, and the tendency to stick out her tongue were inherited directly from her father.

Melissa is a Dark/Water-type Pokemon.


Some cool accomplishments:

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